New Chattanooga Realtor mistakenly takes promotional picture in front of Olgiati Bridge

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After being drawn to Chattanooga by excessive internet speeds and overpriced gentrified real estate, newly licensed real estate agent, Chad Mullmens released his first promotional photo in front of the Olgiati Bridge. Such a choice for photo location has been called questionable by other seasoned Chattanooga realtors.

“I heard that Chattanooga has fantastic bridges for almost Shutterstock-like backdrops and this was the first one I saw,” explained Mullmens. “I’ve even started a “10 things to do in Chattanooga” blog post based on the Olgiati Bridge.”

“He’ll never close on more than one or two three-hundred thousand former crack houses with that sort of promotional picture,” explained Chattanooga relator Mark Hite. “He could have at least photoshopped in the aquarium or incline.”