November 2016

Local Democrats asked to extinguish wildfires with tears

After the shocking victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Presidential election, Democratic Party leaders have asked local Democrats to help extinguish the raging wildfires with their plentiful teardrops. “I literally can’t stop crying,” said the weeping Chattanooga resident Kris Ferugina while waiting to board a helicopter which will fly over areas

Smoke from Chuck Fleischmann burning Melody Shekari signs fills Chattanooga area skies

After months of rigorous¬†campaigning for the U.S. Representative of Tennessee’s 3rd congressional district seat, incumbent Chuck Fleischmann took out his frustrations of opponent Melody Shekari by gathering up her signs and lighting them ablaze. Little did he know that his act of rage would turn into an out of control wildfire, which has threatened hundreds