November 2015

Syrian refugees refuse Chattanooga due to Noodles and Co. closure

After news that thousands of Syrian refugees would be making their way to the United States, much to the chagrin of many southern residents, a representative of the Syrian refugee placement department announced plans have been scraped to settle many folks in Chattanooga. All due to the recent closure of the local Noodles and Co restaurant. Many hoped

Hurricane Katrina evacuees forced to leave TN

After Governor Bill Haslam asked the federal government to block the placement of Syrian refugees–who are fleeing violence and unrest caused by ISIS–in Tennessee today, the state government also passed emergency legislation to force all Hurricane Katrina evacuees currently living in Tennessee to leave the state. “Hurricane Katrina churned the cesspool of sin that is

Velo Coffee Roasters to start serving in baby Jesus Christmas mugs

After Starbucks received a wave of backlash over releasing a solid red cup with only their logo for the holiday season, local coffee company Velo announced they will start serving coffee in a mug that features the baby Jesus and the words “Merry Christmas”. Velo deliveries to local markets will also be switched to a

River City Company purchases Walnut Street Bridge with #blacklivesmatter banner. Plans condos and artisanal restaurants

After a Black Lives Matter movement banner was seen on the Walnut Street Bridge this weekend, a representative from River City Company accounted plans to purchase the bridge with sign and develop a mass of 7 story condos and hip restaurants that serve free-ranged hand cut ice. “We have seen the concerns of local citizens

Food City tests grocery delivery via hot air balloon


Supermarket chain Food City tested a new grocery delivery service that utilizes hot air balloons earlier today in the Chattanooga region, where it had recently acquired and converted 29 Bi-Lo supermarkets. This revolutionary new service takes Food City to another level, after it had previously offered its GoCart Curbside Pickup service at select locations in