April 2013

Mayor Berke takes diversity to next level by hiring Shanice Tallchief-Goldstein


As Mayor Andy Berke continues to fill vacant positions in his administration, so far City Council members and constituents have praised the choices for their quality, expertise and diversity. Leaving a crowd of reporters and Chattanooga residents in slack-jawed amazement, at a press conference yesterday afternoon Berke announced the appointment of Shanice Tallchief-Goldstein, which took

Hamilton County Grand Jury recommends legalizing pot for those on jury duty

Earlier this week, the Hamilton County Grand Jury, consisting of randomly selected residents who serve a four-month term, released its Concurrent and Regular Grand Jury Reports containing observations and recommendations for the Hamilton County Criminal Court. Among the comments, such as those pointing out that “educational programs that are provided for the [Silverdale Detention Facility]

Chattanooga brothel was front for hypnosis clinic: “We will not tolerate hypnosis” says Police Chief

Chattanooga Police cracked down yesterday on a local brothel that was discovered to actually be a front for an illegal hypnosis clinic, as part of a sting operation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation working in conjunction with local officers. “We will not tolerate hypnosis in this city,” said Chattanooga Police Chief Stanley Molloney at

Corey Smith to debut new song “Firefighters Are Pussies” at Track 29

Country-rock singer/songwriter Corey Smith and Chattanooga music venue Track 29 had a rocky start to their relationship, with his September 2, 2011 show being cut short after Smith began to play his controversial fan-favorite “F-ck the Po-Po” despite being asked before the show by the venue owners to not play that song. Soon afterward, Smith

Chattanooga Amazon Fulfillment Center Announces “Come and Get Your Shit” Option


Due to popular public demand, the Chattanooga Amazon Fulfillment center has announced plans for a “come and get your shit” option. During checkout of an Amazon.com order, a new option to “pick up my shit today” will become available, based on your proximity to the Chattanooga fulfillment center. After payment is finalized, customers must commute to

Staff of Congressman Chuck Fleischmann Issues Statement about Viral Video


  taken from chuckforcongess.com A video making its rounds on the Internet of Tennessee Third District Congressman Chuck Fleischmann, has led to a public statement released by his staff. The video, taken by YouTube user “Dave C”, includes the YouTube user asking Mr. Fleischmann his thoughts about CISPA. CISPA, or Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection

Chattanooga Whiskey Makers decide to keep operations in Indiana


After the historic passing of Bills of 102 and 129 in the Tennessee House and Senate respectively, Chattanooga Whiskey co-founders Joe Ledbetter and Tim Piersent announced they have decided to keep distillery operations in Indiana. “It’s really due to a variety of reasons” Ledbetter said, “plus, can you imagine the pain in the ass moving

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