Just Busted magazine offers new dating service

in Business

Just Busted is a Red Bank, Tenn.-based weekly publication that features mugshots taken from police department arrest records, with several editions covering various regions across the nation, and the magazine’s publishers announced at a press conference yesterday that they have expanded their operations, now offering a dating service to allow…

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Chattanooga Police considers adopting UFC rules

in Politics/Sports/Rec

At a press conference yesterday afternoon, Chattanooga Police Chief Wilfred Leistershire announced that the department is strongly considering adopting rules of the UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship, as guidelines for officers when apprehending criminals. The police has endured criticism over the last few years with accusations of police brutality, with…

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Tennessee Agrees to Trade Tennessee River Access for Cast of Small Town Security.

in Culture/Politics

After months of deliberation and litigation, Georgia lawmakers have reached an agreement with Tennessee officials for access to parts of the Tennessee River, in exchange for the cast of the AMC reality series “Small Town Security”. Earlier this year, Georgia lawmakers passed a resolution to claim back what they believe…

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Serpentine Belt Guy and Poem Lady to be keynote speakers at 2013 Southern Creative Panhandling Convention

in Culture

Organizers of the Chattanooga-based annual 2013 Southern Creative Panhandling Convention have announced its final lineup of speakers, workshops and discussion forums, for this year’s event, featuring veteran downtown panhandlers Serpentine Belt Guy and Poem Lady being the keynote speakers. The compelling, award-winning storyteller Serpentine Belt Guy will speak about the…

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Mayor Berke takes diversity to next level by hiring Shanice Tallchief-Goldstein

in Politics

As Mayor Andy Berke continues to fill vacant positions in his administration, so far City Council members and constituents have praised the choices for their quality, expertise and diversity. Leaving a crowd of reporters and Chattanooga residents in slack-jawed amazement, at a press conference yesterday afternoon Berke announced the appointment…

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