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“Escape from Dalton Experience” coming soon


Following the success of the new Escape Experience Chattanooga attraction, where a group of two to six people is challenged to find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape a room within 60 minutes, it has been announced that an “Escape from Dalton Experience” will come soon to Chattanooga. The census bureau recently ranked

TN Amendment 1.5 could prevent men from removing bowling balls from rectum for 9-month period


This election cycle, Tennessee voters will vote on Amendment 1.5 to the state Constitution, which could prevent men from removing bowling balls that have been lodged in their rectums for a 9-month period. The proposed amendment would read: “Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right for a man to remove a bowling ball

Man Xpo about sports, trucks and perpetuating patriarchal hegemony


Man Xpo, called “Chattanooga’s first manly man event,” will celebrate sports, hunting, trucks, cigars, beer and the perpetuation of the patriarchal hegemony today at Finley Stadium and the First Tennessee Pavilion. “James Brown sang, ‘It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World,’ and no truer words have been sung,” said Man Xpo spokesperson Kent Broadchest. “Every day

Little Debbie adds competitive eating to Ironman Chattanooga


After officially becoming the title sponsor of the inaugural Chattanooga Ironman competition, snack food company Little Debbie and its parent company McKee Foods announced that it would add a competitive eating section to the race. “The Ironman triathlon is an institution in the world of athletics,” said Little Debbie spokesperson Samantha Dettus. “And competitive eating

“We Buy Golf Clubs” ad to be featured during Super Bowl


The world-famous advertisement for Mike’s Golf Shop in Chattanooga, featuring proprietor Mike Mixson’s clear declaration of “We buy golf clubs,” is slated to be featured during this Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast. The ad rose to prominence last autumn, when it was featured on CBS Sports, Forbes, MSN, AdWeek and many other media outlets, and it

Marion County to install traffic cams to track aggressive bicyclists


Residents of Marion County were rocked by the news that two teens in a truck were terrorized by what could only be described as a deranged bicyclist who wielded a camera-phone and touched the truck’s bumper with his hand, and inspired by the Lookout Mountain community, which recently raised money to install license-plate-reading cameras to

Trampoline lane proposed for downtown streets


Trampoline enthusiasts in Chattanooga are eagerly anticipating the opening of three trampoline parks planned in the next several months – Jump Park Chattanooga, Superfly Trampoline Park and Jump Park Ooltewah – but now they have another reason to jump for joy, with a proposal to add a “trampoline lane” to downtown streets. City Transportation Director

Marion County football coach tattoos rival’s logo on forehead to inspire his team

Earlier this week, Marion County High School assistant football coach Michael Schmitt was arrested and charged with vandalizing his own school by surreptitiously spray painting the logo of rival South Pittsburg High School and derogatory names in an attempt to rally and energize his own team before a game between the two schools two weeks

Cleveland State Lady Cougars change name to Lady MILFs

At a press conference yesterday afternoon at Cleveland State Community College, it was announced that the women’s basketball team had changed its name from Lady Cougars to Lady MILFs, soon after the opening of its 2013-2014 season. “The name ‘Lady Cougars’ didn’t bring to mind the image we wanted,” said women’s basketball coach Pam Wassermann.