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Obama calls Mayor-elect Andy Berke “best looking mayor” in nation

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Andy Berke

President Barack Obama is backpedaling after calling Chattanooga Mayor-elect Andy Berke the “best looking mayor” in the entire nation at a fundraising event in Nashville yesterday. The President received wide-spread criticism from Republicans and from men’s rights groups for his comments, considered to be inappropriate. “This is a fine, fine…

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Mystery man Don Bigfield chides Mayor-Elect Andy Berke at public forum

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Outgoing Mayor Ron Littlefield, who was not in attendance at the public forum

At a public forum hosted by Mayor-Elect and former 10th District State Senator Andy Berke regarding issues including economic development, public safety and education, a mysterious man by the name of Don Bigfield spouted harsh criticism for Berke, well before Berke’s inauguration date of April 15. Five minutes into the…

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