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Hamilton County Grand Jury recommends legalizing pot for those on jury duty

Earlier this week, the Hamilton County Grand Jury, consisting of randomly selected residents who serve a four-month term, released its Concurrent and Regular Grand Jury Reports containing observations and recommendations for the Hamilton County Criminal Court. Among the comments, such as those pointing out that “educational programs that are provided for the [Silverdale Detention Facility]

Staff of Congressman Chuck Fleischmann Issues Statement about Viral Video


  taken from chuckforcongess.com A video making its rounds on the Internet of Tennessee Third District Congressman Chuck Fleischmann, has led to a public statement released by his staff. The video, taken by YouTube user “Dave C”, includes the YouTube user asking Mr. Fleischmann his thoughts about CISPA. CISPA, or Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection

Mayor Berke appoints Basil Marceaux as Chief Advisor


One day after being inaugurated as the mayor of Chattanooga, Andy Berke announced that Soddy-Daisy resident Basil Marceaux would serve in his administration as Chief Advisor, which was widely praised by both the media and constituents as being a brilliant move. “In this constantly changing world, we need fresh, new strategies to deal with complicated

Anti-gang task force reveals strategy after watching Bugsy Malone: “We need more pies”


The anti-gang task force established under Mayor Ron Littlefield was advised by the incoming Mayor-elect Andy Berke’s administration that it would be dismantled before Berke’s April 15 inauguration, as Berke’s transition team is fleshing out its own new ideas for tackling Chattanooga’s gang issue. As its last action, the anti-gang task force issued a final

Obama calls Mayor-elect Andy Berke “best looking mayor” in nation


President Barack Obama is backpedaling after calling Chattanooga Mayor-elect Andy Berke the “best looking mayor” in the entire nation at a fundraising event in Nashville yesterday. The President received wide-spread criticism from Republicans and from men’s rights groups for his comments, considered to be inappropriate. “This is a fine, fine specimen,” said Obama, while closing

Mystery man Don Bigfield chides Mayor-Elect Andy Berke at public forum

At a public forum hosted by Mayor-Elect and former 10th District State Senator Andy Berke regarding issues including economic development, public safety and education, a mysterious man by the name of Don Bigfield spouted harsh criticism for Berke, well before Berke’s inauguration date of April 15. Five minutes into the forum, Bigfield, who wore a

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