Bryan College President Stephen Livesay forcing faith and family night performers to sign statement of belief

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While acts were arriving for Riverbend’s annual Faith and Family night, Bryan College President Stephen Livesay was spotted forcing artists so sign a statement of belief, an act he was highly scrutinized for some years ago.

Sources say Livesay quickly approached headliner Crowder as he arrived at the festival grounds, who became so startled that his trucker hat flew into the river.

“The representatives of Christian music should be 100% committed to Christianity and 0% to Satan,” explained Livesay.”The only evolution here should be from the keyboard to the keytar.”

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  1. This is the most hysterically ridiculous thing I have ever read in my life. Does anyone really believe that Dr. Livesay had a moment in which he actually had a private audience with Crowder?

    This gets more entertaining and ridiculous with each write up. Get real people. Let it go. The hate needs to die.

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