February 2014

Chattanooga Symphony to accompany screening of “Showgirls”

As part of the second annual Chattanooga International Film Music Festival this weekend, the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera will provide a live accompaniment to a special screening of the modern classic 1995 film Showgirls. The award-winning* film was directed by the acclaimed Dutch director Paul Verhoeven and has been praised by film critics including Jonathan

Conservationists organize Con Nooga to propagate endangered geek population

In 2007, conservation biologists at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga (UTC) were alarmed by trends seen in field data, showing dwindling populations of local geek life, which they attributed to the gradual loss of the natural habitats and ecosystems of geeks, such as video arcades and comic book shops. The biologists realized that geeks were

Local pub uses Kickstarter to raise funds to pass health inspection


Last week, local Irish pub Shane MacGowan’s Teeth closed its doors after failing two inspections by the Tennessee Division of General Environmental Health, which cited several critical violations involving food handling practices. However, the pub has started a crowd-sourcing Kickstarter campaign in order to raise money to pay for renovations in order to pass future

Radio stations play Paul Simon’s Graceland for Black History Month

To honor Black History Month, which is observed during the month of February, several Chattanooga radio stations have agreed to play the entirety of Paul Simon’s award-winning, critically recognized and commercially successful 1986 album Graceland. “Popular music wouldn’t be what it is today without the deep influence of many black musicians and singers over centuries,”

Both pro-union and anti-union campaigns offer promise of handjobs to VW workers


From today until this Friday, employees of the Volkswagen (VW) auto manufacturing plant in Chattanooga may vote either for or against union representation through the United Auto Workers (UAW), and both pro-union and anti-union campaigns have swiftly ramped up their efforts to sway voters. UAW representatives and advocates have extolled the benefits of having better

Drug-fueled “Dating on Speed” matchmaking events take speed dating to next level

For years, speed dating – which refers to organized dating events where singles have brief conversations with several potential partners – has been a viable option for time-strapped singles by pairing like-minded people and softening the blow of rejection. Still, for those who haven’t found speed dating to be speedy enough, an enterprising local matchmaker,

“We Buy Golf Clubs” ad to be featured during Super Bowl


The world-famous advertisement for Mike’s Golf Shop in Chattanooga, featuring proprietor Mike Mixson’s clear declaration of “We buy golf clubs,” is slated to be featured during this Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast. The ad rose to prominence last autumn, when it was featured on CBS Sports, Forbes, MSN, AdWeek and many other media outlets, and it